Parking Lot Striping Near Me

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Parking Lot Striping Near Me In Houston

When you decide to get Front Line Parking Lot Striping then you would definitely need some help. If you decide to do it yourself then you need some machinery like striping machine, blower etc.

Once you have a possession of a Striping Machine then unload it near grass & it would be nice if you have access to water also near the unloading spot.

Now once you unload the Striping Machine, you need to power up the machine & start stripping as it is always a good idea to stripe in a logical progression. Let’s take an example if you have a striping job for a nose to nose parking lot job with a center line dividing both the rows of cars then you should avoid striping the center lying first. Why? If you did stripe the center lining first then you would have to wait for a minimum of 15 minutes for it to dry before you could stripe the next line. Instead of that you can do the long stripes first like do the 40-foot lines to the end & roll back to the other end of the line & then do the one center to finish that following section. Give it some wait to dry a little for the last lines to dry. If you don’t want to waste time by waiting then you can do some few stripes through the next section the roll back to this section to finish the center line.

If you think this is too much for you to handle. There is always an option to call for professionals who can do the job for you.

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