Cleaning tips and tricks Murrieta

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Murrieta Cleaning tips and tricks

If you’re sneezing inside your home, there could be high possibilities that Allergy Triggers might be present then you might be in need of Healthy Home Services. Also, you might be bringing some of them inside with you

About 60% to 70% of household dust can be entering with you & your shoes as you can simply avoid them by removing your shoes before entering your home.

It is also common sense as you are walking everywhere with your shoes in dust & dirt. Leaving your shoes outside your home is a good way to minimize the dust, germs & anything else which is related to your shoes.

Then it is time for you to clean your house.

Cleaning tips and tricks

Change air filters regularly:

It is a good rule of thumb, whether you can see light through it. If not, the filter needs to be replaced.

At home, wash bedding or bed sheets weekly in hot water, which will kill dust mites which might be in the sheets. If your pillows are washable, do wash those, too.

It is recommended to vacuum your mattress while your sheets are in the wash as experts advice of using a special spray to kill bacteria and freshen your mattress.

Also, mix one to two cups of vodka or rubbing alcohol with an essential oil like eucalyptus or clove (2 or 3 caps). This can be used on a traditional or foam mattress. Now spray away! Additionally, you can use baking soda to freshen up foam mattresses, but you must vacuum it up after.

When you are in the process of cleaning your bedroom then don’t forget your ceiling fan.  What you have to do is wrap a pillowcase around the blades to catch the dust. If you see that your fan is very dusty, then put the pillowcase on the blade and wipe it, collecting the dust in the pillowcase help you to protect dust from falling on your bed. As this is a much cleaner technique than dusting also to avoid dust spreading across the bedroom. Also, make sure that you take the pillowcase outside your house to shake out the dust, and then do not forget to launder it, as usual, using hot water for sure. Or use a feather duster on the blades before you vacuum.

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